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Andrew Drummond wears his heart on his sleeve to write honest and moving songs about daily life and the world in which we live. From the struggles of watching a loved one slowly pass away, to the ruts of relationships, to the battle with the voices and thoughts within, the stories told in his songs are sure to resound with audiences while entertaining them with catchy melodies and a warm voice.


Industry Reviews

“Great build-up on this one (Morning Light), a steady simmering acoustic and instrumental flourishes building to that titular hook. The voice is yearning in an endearing way, just needs some glossy production to kick it to the next level.”

Al Newstead Triple J Affliate

“Sweet. Could do with some luscious production to really build the intensity towards the end. But the feel-good factor is definitely there.”


Linda Marigliano Host of Good Nights on Triple J

Andrew’s Blog

Dream Achieved!

When Jake Nauta asked me what I wanted to achieve with this new single, Through It All, my response was simple – I want to get played on Hope 103.2. Tonight that will happen! “Whatever you want to do in life you can, you just have to find a way”. Keep dreaming 🙂

Exactly One Year 23.12.12

What a year it has been! Exactly one year ago I released my first single, Morning Light. The twelve months since has been amazing! Below are some of my highlights of my first year REALLY doing music. (Thanks to those who have been supporting me from the start and Find My Green).  I had the […]

Recording – Day One – 17/10/11

What a day! For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to record in a studio and now I can say I have…and the good news is I’m not done yet! The next few days should be a lot smoother sailing after a couple of minor hiccups today, as is to be expected on […]

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