Recording – Day One – 17/10/11

What a day! For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to record in a studio and now I can say I have…and the good news is I’m not done yet!

The next few days should be a lot smoother sailing after a couple of minor hiccups today, as is to be expected on your first day recording. Because I’m so used to playing live, where I have the freedom to fluctuate in tempo as I feel, I struggled a bit to adjust to playing with a click track in my ear – perhaps starting with Northern Poet (the song I change tempo in most) wasn’t the best idea. But we worked around it trying a few different options and now it’s sounding modestly hot (I can say that, right?).

Also got down guitar and vocals for a new song (currently with two titles in discussion so temporarily remaining unnamed). It is the song I was making a video for, which is now being put off until I have this recording of it rather than the demo.

Have just called it a wrap for tonight with Paul saying he’d play around with some extra layers/instruments on Unnamed to play me tomorrow.

A solid four hours of work and feeling pretty satisfied with what we achieved today. Looking forward to getting back in the studio tomorrow!

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