Exactly One Year 23.12.12

What a year it has been!

Exactly one year ago I released my first single, Morning Light. The twelve months since has been amazing! Below are some of my highlights of my first year REALLY doing music. (Thanks to those who have been supporting me from the start and Find My Green). 

I had the joy of seeing Morning Light enter the triple j unearthed indie chart at 22 before climbing to number 7 and staying there for a second week. This led to my music being discovered by Melbourne-based radio presenter Forrister Jenot, who has been a very valued supporter and contact in the industry!

The release of my first studio EP, The Grey Pelican, to a fantastic crowd at Paddington Uniting Church is definitely one of my fondest memories from 2012. A massive thanks again to Paul Gray and Darren Percival for all their help producing the EP!
The Grey Pelican received positive reviews from plenty of online blogs, including the much respected Timber and Steel and got radio play right around Australia thanks to AMRAP’s AirIt and the community radio network. Seriously folks, switch off the big commercial stations and tune in to your local community station!

Author Samantha Summers asked me to write a soundtrack song for her book First Light from the Project Five Fifteen trilogy. Only One was a great experience for me; writing for a deliberate purpose and audience using someone else’s concept and ‘voice’. 

I got to play at my first music festival, Black Stump. I had a lot of fun and met some great people! Black Stump was also the first festival I attended as an audience member back in 2004 (or was it 05?) so it was a nice cyclical experience to be back as an artist! I hope to play Black Stump every year for as long as the organizers allow me. 

And to cap off a wonderful year I had my first tour, hitting Sydney, Wyong (ok, Killarney Vale), Canberra and Melbourne. I had so much fun taking my new songs on the road and sharing them with people I hadn’t yet met. Thanks to Bobby Hendry, Mark Holberton and Brooke Taylor for helping me put the tour together and to the lovely people that hosted me for a gig or a sleep while away from home. 

If you have read this far, then YOU are the fan that I want to thank! I’ve really appreciated the support from friends, family and fans this year. Cliche time – I couldn’t do this without you! Thank you for buying my music, for sharing my music, for coming to gigs, for bringing friends to gigs, and to those lovely people who sent me messages throughout the year to encourage me and keep my spirits high in a world that has its fair share of challenges. I appreciate you! 

I’m really looking forward to sharing more music with you next year and hope you’ll partner with me again in spreading the love!

Whatever you want to do in life, go do it. The only barriers to our success are the ones we build ourselves. 
Keep dreaming!

See you in 2013, friends. 

Andrew Drummond

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